Submit Final Concert Performances!

We’re excited that so many of you have expressed interest in performing at ECTC 2020! If you or your group has not yet indicated interest in performing through our registration form, please click here to submit a piece to be considered for the final concert after reading the message below:

The form contains important information about the performance stage and other requirements, so please read it thoroughly!  Please fill out the form, ONCE per performing group, at your earliest convenience. It is our goal to invite selected performers by next Friday 1/17, so please fill out this form within the next week (by 1/15)!

Groups who do not fill out the Google Form will not be considered to perform as part of the ECTC 2020 Final Concert. Please consider that your performance, including time for equipment setup, should take less than ten minutes. There will be volunteers to help set up equipment to speed up this process. We will consider performance length as part of our determination of which groups/individuals are asked to perform as part of the final concert. Please take that into consideration and contact us with any concerns in regards to this limitation.

Major changes to performances will only be accepted up to a certain date.

Thank you for your interest in performing! We can’t wait to see you all on stage at von der Mehden Recital Hall in February!

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