Early Arrival: TCA Luncheon!

We are pleased to have the Taiko Community Alliance as one of our sponsors for ECTC! As part of our early arrival segment, TCA will be hosting a lunch on Friday afternoon from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm.

This lunch will be hosted in the AsACC (Asian American Cultural Center) Conference room (AsACC, SU 428) on the 4th floor of UConn’s Student Union. For a full map of UConn, click here. The AsACC room is on the south side of the Student Union, and is labeled from the outside. We recommend you park at our North Garage for this event (see Maps and Parking for details).

TCA Attendees:
Alan Okada (Advisory Council)
Anne Kessing (Membership Committee)
Sarah Gilbert (Communications Committee)

ECTC 2020 Workshop Leader Attendees:
Shoji Kameda
Karen Young
Stuart Paton
Kris Bergstrom

RSVP here to help us gauge interest. Please note this form is ONLY used for estimating food and refreshment need! Expect pizza and salad options.

We are excited to see you all at ECTC! Here’s a countdown to ECTC, set to go off for the early arrival Drum Tao Concert, the first event on our itinerary.



  hours  minutes  seconds


ECTC 2020

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