Post-Conference Survey!

To all our wonderful attendees:

We were honored to have each and every one of you in Storrs, Connecticut for the East Coast Taiko Conference 2020 this past weekend. Gathering the community on our home campus at the University of Connecticut was extremely meaningful to us. We hope that just like us, you made new connections and learned new lessons that you will work to take with you far into the future.

On one hand, we have heard plenty of encouraging positive feedback. On the other, we are aware of issues that could have been handled better. We are looking forward to hearing what you thought did not go well just as much as what did.

Our post-conference survey serves as a place to anonymously voice your opinions and experiences with the intent to contribute to the further improvement of the conference by future hosts. You are not required to answer all of the questions, as we recognize and appreciate the time it takes to evaluate your experience; we ask that you at the very least take some time to consider what stood out to you this past weekend and answer the sections most relevant to you.

Were you disappointed by the lack of tea at breakfast? Did you have a rough time locating your workshops? Were you happy with the ways you were able to spend your downtime? Or maybe you, someone you spoke to, or your belongings were affected, negatively or positively, by a certain event in a way that the ECTC 2020 organizers were not aware of? Whatever it is, good or bad, we want to hear from you so that the needs of the community can be met with more efficiency each year.

If the above links do not work, the survey is available at

Thank you for your excitement, friendliness, and understanding this past weekend. You gave us the energy we needed to keep the conference moving. Let’s pass that energy on to Gendo Taiko for 2021!

All our best,

Ava, Zach, Yasmin, Vaughn, Jackie, Brandon, Eli, Thomas,
and our alumni staff: Tim, Rania, Adomous, Donia, Bobby, Luann, Liqi, and JD

UConn Kodama Taiko

East Coast Taiko Conference 2020 Planning Committee

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