UConn Kodama Taiko is excited to host the 2020 East Coast Taiko Conference at the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus from February 21 – 23rd, 2020!

East Coast Taiko Conference

The East Coast Taiko Conference is a gathering of all levels of taiko players to celebrate their love for the art of Japanese drumming. Taking a weekend to share diverse skill sets, styles, and insights — both inside and outside of professional workshops, panels, and a concert — the conference serves as a place of learning, growth, and strengthening of bonds within the east coast taiko community.

Since 2011, ECTC has taken place at many colleges across the northeast. Beginning at Cornell, taiko groups at schools such as Brown, Wesleyan, and Skidmore have organized the conference over the years. ECTC was hosted by a public university for the first time in 2018 by Taiko Tides at SUNY Stonybrook. UConn will be the 2nd public university to do so this coming February.


With this next conference taking place at UConn, we want to tell you what our campus has to offer. Most of our conference will be taking place around the music building (pictured below).

The music building within UConn’s Fine Arts Complex contains many large practice rooms in which UConn Kodama Taiko holds practices on a weekly basis. There is plenty of room to host medium to large workshops in this building – thus, many playing workshops will be centered here.

Adjacent to this building is our concert hall, Von der Mehden, which can seat 420 people and sports a stage with plenty of breathing room for performers. We will host the Final Concert here the night of the 22nd, which will be free and open to anyone who wishes to come. You can find information on this space at https://vdm.uconn.edu/.

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